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"Kovintrade Bulgaria" EOOD was founded in November 2005. Subsidiary of the well-known trade company from Slovenia "Kovintrade Mednarodna trgovina d.d." and we are determined to follow the slogan "Partner of knowledge and confidence" , which guides all companies from "Kovintrade" network.

The company is the business representative of one of the largest metallurgical concerns in Slovenia.

With offices located throuhgout all of Europe - Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosna and Hercegovina - company maintains many contacts an a local level and offers delivery from many manufactures. This clearly broadens the nomenclature of the offered materials. We offer large scale of metals warehousing at most of our facilities, the largest of which are located in Slovenia and the Czech Republic. This enables us to fulfill partial deliveries in a relatively short period of time.

"Kovintrade Bulgaria" EOOD has a own functioning warehouse near to Sofia, in village Vakarel.

The constant development of our network, maintaining the diversity of our services and the launching of new business technologies to the full satisfaction of our partners - that briefly summarizes "Kovintrade Mednarodna trgovina d.d".

Familiar with the goals on which the company was founded, we guarantee, that You will find "Kovintrade Bulgaria" EOOD a reliable partner, fully responsive to your needs and requirements – partner You can depend on.

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